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Solar Solutions for Educational Institutions and Offices (9 AM to 5 PM Solutions) On-Grid Solutions:
Implement on-grid solar solutions tailored for schools, colleges, and offices, optimising energy generation during daylight hours.

Solar Solutions for Petrol Pump Stations (24 hrs) – Hybrid Solutions without Export
Provide hybrid solar solutions ensuring continuous power for petrol pump stations without exporting excess energy to the grid.

Solar Solutions for Hospitals – Rooftop Solar Installation with ERD Solution:
Hospitals, with high energy demands, benefit from a combo of rooftop solar and Energy Rescue Device (ERD). This setup not only offers renewable and cost-efficient electricity but also substantial savings on energy bills.

Benefits for Hospitals:

  • Ensure uninterrupted power supply to lifts and critical life-supporting equipment.
  • Reduce diesel generator usage by 70%, contributing to both cost savings and environmental sustainability.
  • Energy storage systems with solar installations offer seamless backup power to Operation Theatres, with a changeover time of less than 5 milliseconds.

Solar Solutions for IT and ITES – Energy Storage System (ESS) with LifePo4 Battery:
Deploy an Energy Storage System (ESS) designed for IT loads and sensitive appliances. Equipped with LifePo4 Battery, it ensures fast charging and features an inbuilt Battery Management System (BMS) for reliability and efficiency.


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