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Veiyon Solar – SILVER


  • Explore the efficiency and reliability of our On-Grid Inverter technology.
  • Seamlessly synchronize with the grid, optimizing energy production and consumption.
  • Benefit from grid-tie functionality, allowing excess energy to be fed back into the grid.
  • Ensure a stable and consistent power supply, contributing to a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution.
  • Choose high-quality Polycrystalline DCR PV modules for efficient solar energy generation.

  • Select from reputable manufacturers such as Vikram, Waaree, or Pixon.

  • Optimize your solar power system with durable and reliable photovoltaic modules from trusted brands.

  • Install a Net meter, bidirectional meter, or Net feed meter approved by DISCOM for seamless integration into the grid.

  • No need for a battery bank, ensuring a simplified and cost-effective solar power system.

  • During DISCOM power supply failures at non-solar hours, power to the residence or establishment also ceases, emphasizing the grid-tied nature of the system.

  • Adhere to installation capacity limits not exceeding the sanctioned load of the residence or establishment as per DISCOM regulations.


  • Simultaneous load utility calculations are not required, as any additional energy requirements are seamlessly drawn from the grid, providing flexibility and convenience.

  • Eliminate the need for battery investments, reducing overall system costs and maintenance.

  • Leverage cost benefits through government subsidies, ensuring a more affordable and attractive investment.

  • Experience a rapid Return on Investment (ROI) within 5 to 6 years, making your solar power solution financially rewarding.

  • Ideal for residences with minimal power cuts, providing a reliable and efficient energy solution tailored to your specific needs.

  • No need to invest in Batteries

  • Less investment because of govt subsidy

  • Return on Investment in 5 to 6 years

  • Suitable for residence with less power cut

Veiyon Solar - Gold

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