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Veiyon Solar - Platinum



  • Mono PERC half cut with highest cell capacity compatible with Micro Inverter.
  • Make -Vikram/Waaree/
  • Renewsys/Canadian
  • Net meter/bidirectional meter / Net feed meter with DISCOM approval has to be installed.
  • No battery bank is required.
  • When DISCOM power supply fails at non solar hours power to the Residence / establishment also fails.
  • Installation capacity cannot exceed the sanctioned load of the Residence/ establishment.
  • No requirement to calculate simultaneous load utility of the house as any additional energy requirement is taken from the Grid.
  • AC MCB, MCCB & Contactor Make- ABB/L&T .

  • AC SPD

  • Make – Finder/Phoenix/Citel/Mersen

  • ABS Enclosure make will be Electrocom/Tribox Metal Enclosure Custom made.

  • Samptel Mfg.

  • SPP (No voltage Relay) make Multispan / GIC (L&T) .

  • 4 mm Cu Earthing cable 4/6/10 Sq mm DC and AC cable make Polycab, KEI,

  • Waaree, Havels

  • Improved Safety: As Microinverters convert DC power to AC instantly, they eliminate the potential safety risks associated with high voltage DC electricity.

  • Shadow on a solar panels reduces the current to that of the least-producing panel in the string. This is avoided in micro inverters.

  • A micro-inverter has 25 years of warranty compared to standard inverters that have a warranty of 8 to 12 years

Veiyon Solar - Platinum

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