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Veiyon Solar Platinum offer Top priced best technology and brand.

  • Explore our range of Hybrid Inverters featuring top-notch brands such as Luxpower, Studer, and EVVO.
  • Benefit from advanced hybrid technology that seamlessly integrates solar power with grid electricity for uninterrupted energy supply.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of our hybrid inverters, designed to enhance energy efficiency and provide reliable power solutions for various applications.
  • Choose between Mono PERC half-cut solar panels with the highest cell capacity or Mono PERC half-cut Bifacial options.

  • Select from renowned manufacturers such as Vikram, Waaree, Renewsys, or Canadian Solar for quality and performance assurance.

  • Tailor your solar solution with cutting-edge technology to meet your specific energy needs and preferences.

  • No Government or DISCOM approval is necessary, allowing you to consume what is produced and store what is needed.

  • Incorporate a battery bank for uninterrupted power supply.

  • During DISCOM power supply failures at non-solar hours, power to the residence or establishment is seamlessly transferred from the backup battery, providing power for a limited period based on load capacity.

  • Installation capacity can exceed the sanctioned load of DISCOM for the residence or establishment since no power is exported to the grid.

  • Critical calculations are vital for estimating the simultaneous load utility of the residence or establishment, considering that additional energy cannot be drawn from the grid by most systems.

  • Utilize top-quality AC components with MCB, MCCB, and Contactor options from reputable manufacturers like ABB or L&T.

  • Ensure surge protection with AC SPD from leading brands such as Finder, Phoenix, Citel, or Mersen. – Choose durable and custom-made ABS Enclosures from Electrocom or Tribox Metal Enclosures crafted by Samptel Mfg.

  • Enhance safety with SPP (No Voltage Relay) from trusted manufacturers like Multispan or GIC (L&T).

  • Select 4 mm Cu Earthing cable in 4/6/10 Sq mm for both DC and AC applications from well-known cable manufacturers such as Polycab, KEI, Waaree, or Havels.

  • Opt for LifePo4 batteries, renowned for their extended lifespan, high energy density, and faster charging and discharging capabilities.

  • Leverage Battery Management System (BMS) through the Internet of Things (IoT) for intelligent monitoring and control.

  • Benefit from a lower discharge rate, contributing to efficient energy utilisation.

  • Enjoy the advantages of a smaller size and lighter weight compared to traditional batteries.

  • Experience virtually no maintenance requirements, reducing operational hassles.

  • Achieve improved efficiency and enhanced safety features for a reliable energy storage solution.

  • Explore scalability options to meet evolving energy needs seamlessly.

  • Implement programmable supply priority for PV, Battery, and Grid sources, offering flexibility and optimization

  • Employ a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS) to safeguard and enhance the lifespan of the battery, ensuring efficient and reliable energy storage.

  • Enjoy user-friendly operation and maintenance with an LCD display, providing a convenient interface for monitoring and control.

Veiyon Solar - Gold

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