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Junction boxes


Our Solar DCDB is qualified IP54/55 & IP65 and We are using the worldclass product in Solar DC Distribution Box from 600V DC to 1500V DC like,

  • ABB Switch-gear
  • L&T Switch-gear
  • Schneider Switch-gear
  • C&S Switch-gear
  • Polycab Switch-gear
  • Shelter Switch-gear
  • Finder make SPD
  • Mersen & Citel make SPD
  • Tribox & Fibox make Enclosure
  • Electrocom Enclosure
  • Mersen, Trinity make Fuse & Holder
  • Polycab DC Cable
  • Jinghua MC4 Panel Connector
  • Residential Roof-Top DCDB 600V-1000V DC
  • Office/Commercial Solar DCDB  600V-1500V DC
  • Industrial Solar DCDB 1000V-1500V DC
  • Ground-Mount Project DCDB 1000V-1500V DC
  • DC Fuse Box 1000V-1500V DC

Our ACDB is qualify IP54/55 & IP65 and We are using world class product in our ACDB like,

  • L&T Switch-gear
  • Schneider Switch-gear
  • ABB Switch-gear
  • C&S Switch-gear
  • Finder SPD
  • Citel & Mersen SPD
  • GIC & Multispan Relay
  • Secure, L&T make MFM
  • Rishabh make CTs
  • CRCA 7-tank Powder Coated Enclosure
  • Tribox, Fibox Enclosure
  • Electrocom Enclosure
  • Rittal Enclosure
  • Polycab Cable
  • Copper & Aluminium Lug
  • Brass & PG Gland

Solar ACDB Use:

It is mount in between Solar Inverter and Solar Meter.

Solar ACDB is used in all types of Solar Project which consist of AC MCB/MCCBs as per no. of inverter which protects from Short-Circuit & gives Over Current protection, AC SPD used to protect Surge from Grid Voltage fluctuation, AC Contactor with Relay called NVR gives protection from Over-Voltage, Under-Voltage, Phase Sequence, Phase Failure, Single Phasing, Phase Asymmetry.

Scope of ACDB

  • Residential Roof-Top ACDB
  • Office/Commercial Solar ACDB
  • Industrial Solar ACDB
  • Ground-Mount Project ACDB & LT Panel
  • Zero Export Device
  • Meter Panel ACDB
  • Reverse Power Relay Panel

Junction boxes

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