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Veiyon Solar - Platinum


Micro Inverter – Enphase, Opt for the most suitable solar power inverter option that features smart grid-ready IQ 7+ micro inverters, ensuring seamless installation and optimal system performance.

  • Explore the advantages of Mono PERC half-cut technology with the highest cell capacity.

  • Compatibility with Micro Inverter technology ensures optimal performance

  • Choose from leading options: Vikram, Waaree, Renewsys, and Canadian.

  • Tailor your solar solution to meet your specific needs and preferences.

  • Install a Net meter, bidirectional meter, or Net feed meter approved by DISCOM.

  • No need for a battery bank in the system setup.

  • In the event of a DISCOM power supply failure during non-solar hours, power to the residence or establishment will also be interrupted.

  • The installation capacity must not exceed the sanctioned load of the residence or establishment.

  • Simultaneous load utility calculation for the house is not required, as any additional energy requirement is sourced from the Grid.

  • Utilise AC MCB, MCCB, and Contractor options from trusted manufacturers such as ABB or L&T.

  • Choose AC SPD from reputable brands including Finder, Phoenix, Citel, or Mersen.

  • Encase in a durable ABS Enclosure made by Electrocom or Tribox Metal Enclosure customised by Samptel Mfg.

  • Ensure SPP (No voltage Relay) reliability with options from Multi-span or GIC (L&T).

  • Select 4 mm Cu Earthing cable in 4/6/10 Sq mm for both DC and AC applications, available from trusted cable manufacturers such as Polycab, KEI, Waaree, or Havels.

  • Enhanced Safety: Micro-inverters instantaneously convert DC power to AC, mitigating potential safety hazards linked with high-voltage DC electricity.

  • Optimised Performance : Shadows on a solar panel can reduce the current to that of the least-producing panel in the string. Micro-inverters effectively address this issue, ensuring each panel operates independently, optimising energy production even in shaded conditions.

  • Extended Warranty: Micro-inverters come with an impressive 25-year warranty, a significant advantage compared to standard inverters that typically offer warranties ranging from 8 to 12 years. This longer warranty period underscores the durability and reliability of micro-inverter technology.

Veiyon Solar - Platinum

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