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Veiyon Solar offers a range of solar energy solutions, including solar panel installation, solar system design, maintenance services, and consultation for both residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Solar energy is harnessed through photovoltaic (PV) cells in solar panels, which convert sunlight into electricity. The generated electricity can be used immediately or stored for later use.

Yes, solar energy is a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources. Over time, the savings on electricity bills often outweigh the initial investment in solar panels.

Factors to consider include your location, available sunlight, roof orientation, budget, and local regulations. Our experts can provide a personalized consultation to help you make informed decisions.

Solar panels typically have a lifespan of 25-30 years or more. Regular maintenance can extend their efficiency and longevity.

Yes, we provide warranties on our solar products and services. The specific terms and duration of the warranty will be outlined in your agreement.

Depending on your location and local regulations, you may be able to sell excess energy back to the grid through a process called net metering. Our team can guide you through the process.

Getting started is easy! Contact us through our website or by phone, and our team will schedule a consultation to assess your energy needs and provide customized solutions.

At Veiyon Solar, we are passionate about bringing the benefits of solar energy to your doorstep. Join us in creating a sustainable future powered by the sun.

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