Veiyon Renewable Energy

Solar Panels


72 Cell

Maximum Power Output – 340 Wp

  • Module Power Range: 315-340 W
  • Efficiency upto 17.46 %
  • Power Tolerance: +4.99Wp

PIXON, a renowned polycrystalline solar panel manufacturer is serving clients with a wide range of solar modules, EVA Films and EPC solutions from across the country. Higher efficiency polycrystalline panels are a preferred choice for places within the areas receiving maximum sunlight.

We have a cutting-edge manufacturing facility with all the latest equipment required to manufacture advanced polycrystalline solar panels. PIXON also has a turnkey machinery of 1 GW line capacity. Our solar panels are meant to aid the global climate sustainability. These panels are both used in commercial as well as residential areas. As a leading polycrystalline solar panel manufacturer the company constantly upgrades the technology as per the new solar panel manufacturing trends and techniques in the industry.

Key features of the polycrystalline solar panels

  • Safe to use
  • High resistance to high temperature, high humidity and alkali environment
  • They are generally more eco-friendly than other solar panels
  • Good performance even at low irradiation
  • Maximum System Voltage is1500 V DC
  • High string length
  • Low BOS cost
  • Capable of withstanding up to 5400 PA of snow load
  • Capable of withstanding up to 2400 PA of wind load
  • Solar panels don’t need individual placement of each crystal
  • Less wastage while making the polycrystalline solar panels

Reasons to use panels manufactured by PIXON, a trusted polycrystalline solar panels manufacturer

  • High durability and reliability of solar panels
  • Polycrystalline solar panels have a better lifespan than other panels
  • They are more cost-effective.
  • We use certified and high-quality raw material to make the solar panels.
  • Our solar panels are tested multiple times before being supplying it to the clients.
  • Our quality team keeps enhancing the quality checking process for best quality modules.
  • We use highly advanced technology to make the solar panels.
  • We can offer guidance to the clients to help us in making the right decision.
  • Our team can cater to your solar panel’s customization requirements as well.

Applications of polycrystalline solar panels

  • Used in big farms.
  • They are used extensively in the roof mounted arrays.
  • Off-grid households
  • Self-powered devices
  • Several commercial and industrial applications

Polycrystalline solar panels are used in large-scale and small-scale installations. They are available in many power wattages. Solar panels are used widely in the residential areas, farms, traffic-lights and much more because of their economical pricing.

As a leading polycrystalline solar panels manufacturer, PIXON has rich experience in making long-lasting solar panels. We have an in house team of solar panel experts that use their experience and knowledge to transform the solar panel manufacturing industry. We are constantly expanding and spreading our wings even in the global markets. Our aim is to offer best quality solar panels to our client’s at the most competitive prices.

Please feel free to reach out to our team at PIXON to know more about polycrystalline solar panels.


Better Performance:Even at Low Irradiation

Maximum System Voltage:1500 V DC

Increased string length &Low BOS Cost.

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